Chairman Update

We are moving our Party forward very quickly and it is important for us that you are kept informed of our progress.

A Business Plan was written for the GCRP to give us targeted direction for growing our party and getting out the vote.

Precinct Chairs received organizational training based on the business plan and separate training for Advantage Software, the app being used to block walk.

Precinct Chairs were provided with work packets including a map of their precinct, a Precinct Chair Handbook, Voter Registration cards, training schedules for poll workers, and a Handbook for Recruiting Precinct Chairs & Volunteers.

Five contests for Precinct Chairs were initiated to instill volunteerism and to help “Get Out the Vote.”

Precinct Chairs were assigned to various committees, and they are WORKING!

  • Sandra Tetley – Chair, Education & Outreach
  • Paula Smith – Director of Communications
  • Christopher Lane – GOTV

We opened TWO Campaign Headquarters:

Galveston HQ
1021 61st St., Galveston, TX
Linda Dreith, Director

North County Center
904 E. Main, League City, TX
Barbara Vollmer, Director

The GCRP website has changed and we are working to activate icons that will allow you to communicate directly with your Precinct Chairs.

We are communicating with the public through Facebook page postings daily.

The Elections Division has been completely reorganized and restaffed. Our new Elections Administrator is Alicia Youngblood.

We participated in a Diversity Workshop with State Chair, James Dickey. Galveston Delegation included Dr. Robin Armstrong, J.T. Edwards, Christopher Lane, Dr. Yolanda Waters, and Alan Waters.

We have distributed 800 Cruz yard signs and another 1,000 signs were printed with funds from a generous donor. Signs are ready for pick up at both headquarters.

We are assisting our county-wide candidates by distributing their campaign literature during block walking! Paying $10 an hour for block walkers.

A GCRP push card defining what we believe in as Republicans will be distributed by block walkers to help people identify with our Republican values.

The party phone line is (281) 554-8888 and it is being answered as calls are received.

Fundraising opportunity for your clubs! The Abbott Campaign will pay Auxiliaries who join his campaign $2.50 per Abbott voter identified. Contact Chris Lane at (409) 392-6167 for details.

Early voting is October 22nd through November 2nd. Visit for voting locations and poll worker training schedules.

Thank you to the Clear Creek Republican Women, Friendswood Republican Women, Galveston Republican Women, Alan Waters, Don Pollock, Shannon Trochesset, and everyone working at our headquarters!

We have accomplished a lot in the eight weeks I have been in office, and together we are working diligently toward victory on November 6th!

~Dr. Yolanda Waters