Block Walking

Chris Lane is coordinating our Block walking!

  • There are block walks daily from 10 to 7or Chris can meet you to work a specific area.
  • Starting this week, every Saturday, block walking will consist of 4 shifts (10-2, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6).
  • Please do not hesitate to give Chris a call (409)392-6167. He is willing to create a custom made schedule to suit the needs of our volunteers and will get you set up on your cell phone with Advantage software which is being used to visit the appropriate houses. This is good way to get an entire club out to walk!

Want to volunteer? Click Here to sign up for shifts at our League City HQ or Click Here to sign up for shifts at the Galveston HQ.

It is imperative we hit as many houses as we can! This is how we recently won the Senate Seat in San Antonio! Thank you for your help as we work hard towards victory in November!

Sandra Tetley
(409) 789-7848
Chair, Education and Outreach Committee